Part 2:  Retractable vs. Non-Retractable

  • Retractable - allow for operators to retract the quill without having to fully depressurize the pipeline or vessel.
  • Non-Retractable - require the pipeline or vessel to be depressurized in order to remove the quill.

Why the two types?

Non-retractable quills serve to achieve the basic purposes of an injection quill as outlined in Part 1.  However, many common treatment chemicals are prone to forming deposits that can eventually clog a quill.  The required maintenance frequency can often become quite a headache for operators.  Additionally, many processes can not simply shutdown or depressurize on demand.  As a result, retractable quills were developed to allow operators to access the quill for maintenance without having to depressurize the process.


EB-146 series retractable injection quill with integrated check valve in stainless steel valve variant.